måndag 12 januari 2009

Facebook charity applications

To the creators of these app's:

First of all, thank you for making it more meaningful to use applications - not just for fun - but to help others!

I try to use them daily - donating food, clear water, money for cancer research, for a children hospital, helping homeless and abandoned pets, saving rain forest and rare animals, etc, etc.

But I have a wish...

That the amount of real money that is donated by using these app's would be higher!

It's quite time consuming after all... And the world really needs it. Could you please consider it?

I would like to make a real difference! I wish to save square metres and kilometres of rain forest. Not just a few square feet a day... I wish to save as many animals as possible...

And I don't wish to donate just rice to the poor - that somehow feels "unethical" - although I know the purpose is good.

I mean: I would rather want to serve wonderful festive tables - resulting in real ones! - filled with the best things one can imagine - not just a few grains of rice. Why should the poorest eat just rice? To keep them poor - and in poor health...?

And I wish to give the homeless real roofs over their heads - not just a real blanket to keep them warmer outdoors...

See the problem...?

I really applaud your good intentions - but hope you'll make the app's, and the results of them in real life, even better....!!


To users of Facebook app's:

Please consider using for example these: (Lil) Green patch, (Lil) Blue cove, SAVE the Animals, Earthkeeper, Save the Planet, African Safari, Willy's Sweet Shop, Sea Garden, Donate Rice and Pets Cybershelter.

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purplerain 12 januari 2009 14:52  

jag är tokig i häftiga hus och platser. Perfekt att visa mitt hus bibblo i bloggen.


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