onsdag 1 juni 2011

Can you imagine...?

Can you imagine searching in vain for long

after finding a glimpse
of something
that seemed as if it was meant for you?

Can you imagine finding another glimpse
and searching for more?

Can you imagine the immense joy
of finding,
the joy
of being found?

Can you imagine being embraced
by the invisible,
being wrapped
in total mystery?

Can you imagine doubt
and faith
of unseen intensity?

Can you imagine a deep love story
at a non human level?

Can you imagine being in love
and being loved
by being itself
by love itself? 

Can you imagine your lover
playing hide and seek
to make you long
even more?

Can you imagine
sharing life 
with your beloved
for years?

Can you imagine
giving everything
and giving
everything up
for your beloved?

Can you imagine suddenly 
being abandoned
~ in a second ~
by the source
of all joy,
by the source
of your life?

Can you imagine
being left alone
in a great solitude
yet unspoken of
by human tounges?

For ever?

Can you imagine
the heaviness 
of that loss?

Could you live
with that loss?

For ever?

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