tisdag 18 november 2008

Open letter to the Pope - about women ordinations

Dear Brother in Christ, Pope Benedict XVI,

I write to you on behalf of Fr. Roy Bourgeois, who, as you know, is facing excommunication in a few days from now, because he is following his conscience on the issue of women ordinations.

I don't know him personally, but he feels like a dear brother. I've (through the internet), heard his homily at the ordination he attended, and I've read a few articles, and his letter in response to the excommunication letter. And his words are really touching my heart, it's very healing to hear a priest speak openly about the injustice he feels is being done to so many Catholic women with a call to ministry within the Church... I'm grateful to him for his courageous witness - and I wish that all other priests and bishops around the world who believe that God wants to show the Church that this call is indeed genuine, would also dare to speak up for change. A change that would be strongly welcomed by many Catholics in our days, and especially among young people (even priest candidates in Rome, as an anonymous open letter from one of them recently shows, I'm sure you must have seen it). Besides, this is nothing new... Women served in the early Church...

Fr. Roy was ordained the same year as I was born, and he's been serving the Church all this time. Amazing thought! That's more than I've done... But I could have been a priest for many years, as I felt the call already at the age of 14. I love the Church profoundly, and would love to serve as a priest... Like so many other Catholic women. And like several of our woman Saints, among those Thérèse of Lisieux, my patron Saint, who once led me to the Church. I attended the festive ceremony in 1997 at St. Peter's Square, when she was declared a Doctor of the Church. How that must have surprised her, and made her smile in heaven! "Little" Thérèse among all those distinguished old male teachers of the Church...! I'm happy that she now has this position, since the Church must listen carefully to all its theological Doctors.

Thérèse tells us openly about her call to be a priest, a call that didn't leave her even when she felt death approaching. She handled the hosts with lots of love as a sacristan, while she thought about celebrating Mass. She asked her sisters to shave a tonsure on her head, and she united herself in prayer with the young priest missionaries she would have liked to follow. And she said that she was happy to die - so that she didn't need to suffer the pain of not being ordained at the time she would have been ordained - if she had just been a man... There are numerous witnesses who knew her who confirms this. I find it amazing that her writings haven't been censured. And they speak right into our times.

I often think that it's like the body of the Church is jumping ahead on just one leg. While she (!) could be dancing and rejoicing and move much faster and more graciously than now, showing the world who God is (both feminine and masculine), if she would use both her legs, not just the male one. It's as if the Church body has made herself crippled, although she's actually whole. She's strangely refusing to use one half of her body in ministry...

Excommunication is a similarly odd phenomena within our Church body. So odd to see her shutting off her own limbs from the powerful blood flow of the holy Communion!

And not just any limbs. It's the prophetic limbs that are often shut off. Those who were Jesus' own didn't understand him... It seems to be the same today for his followers. But they'll keep speaking until their last breath - prophets can't be silenced... This is their mission: to show the Church what's missing! To speak soft words where they're needed, and sharp words where they're required.

I'd like to humbly ask a few burning questions:

Who do you think Jesus would excommunicate?

Would He cut off living branches from the tree?

What is easier: to change a tiny paragraph in the Canon law which doesn't correspond with the Gospel message and Jesus' way of treating women and men equally - or keep hurting the Body of Christ again and again?

Where in the world can you find a mother who would stop giving some of her children food? And what mother would forbid only her girls to prepare food and serve it to their siblings? Shouldn’t the Church Mother act as good as these earthly mothers?

Excommunications are actually getting the opposite result than they probably are meant to give. Trying to get rid of one after the other will only put this matter (women ordinations) even more on the agenda. It's so much better to communicate than to excommunicate!

I've read the most recent homily by your preacher, Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa. He speaks about women in it, like several times during the passed years, which I actually encouraged him to do when I once met him. I'm happy for this, because it's really needed. But I wish the urgent need for women in the heart of the Church would be as visible and clear. We need to hear the perspectives also of women in homilies. We need them serving at the Eucharistic table, as well as in the confessional. Many (both women and men) say it would be so much easier to confess if the priest was a woman... Both men and women are needed to make the priestly ministry as beautiful and complete as it's meant to be... Both reflect the image of God - together....

The wonderful Pope, John XXIII, didn't live long as a Pope, but long enough to initiate revival, inspired by the Holy Spirit.

I've heard that you attended the Council as one of its most brilliant progressive theologians... You quoted Karl Rahner (who btw has written at depth about the priest-poet, well worth reading), when he said something like: "The dogma is no package, well wrapped and tightly tied up, but an open window."

I wish I could reawaken some of that youthful glow within your heart, bring fresh air through the Vatican doors, and open all the windows widely... (Well, the risen Jesus knew how to walk also through closed doors, behind which frightened apostles were sitting...!)

Now it's time to listen in deep prayer to what the Holy Spirit is repeatedly saying to the Church at present. God is calling so many women to serve... Please, consider to receive and embrace this gift...! It's for the good of the whole Church, ultimately the whole world...

And please don't let my brother get excommunicated, or any other of my brothers and sisters who dare to say what they, and so many silent Catholics, actually think! Fr. Roy is just the kind of priest that is most appreciated and needed among the faithful!

As he has spoken courageously - I can't remain silent.

I love my Mother, the Church, and say all this out of love for her...

Catholicity is all about Communion and union, so when one limb is suffering - all the others are also suffering (if they're healthy and thus able to feel compassionate). I suffer immensely by the thought of others getting excommunicated. I've spent some sleepless nights now, praying about this, actualized by what Fr. Roy is going through. And led by holy inspiration, I got the idea to ask, like Maximiliam Kolbe, the Saint, who stood right in front of a man who is now in my parish and who witnessed his words: "may I take his place?"

I wish to stand in solidarity with all those who are excluded and marginalized in our society and in the Church, I think that's what being a Christian and following Jesus is about, to rejoice with those who rejoice, and cry with those who cry, to ultimately give up one's life, and everything that one holds most dear... And the Church is my life, my home, my everything... I would never want to be without the Eucharist - that would be to starve spiritually. I imagine it's pretty much the same for Fr. Roy. But if someone has to be sacrificed to keep up the present human rules and regulations, then don't excommunicate someone who is a "father" of many... You may punish me instead...

And by now you may perhaps wonder who I am... Maximiliam Kolbe got the same question. He answered: "I'm a Catholic priest."

And I'm just a simple Catholic lay person, an artist and theologian, a priest only at heart and not through ordination. I haven't broken any single Church rule, but I've spoken freely, by inspiration and out of conscience, when asked what I believe. I feel that unity among Christians and within the Catholic Church (in spite of different opinions - we share what is most important after all: our faith, a sacred gift from God), is part of my mission, and thus I find it very hard to stand injustice or prejudices. I wish to see a renewed Church where everyone is welcome, a Church where no one is shut out... And if someone is threatened to be excluded, I must stand up for him or her.

To something else - but still connected to this. I've heard that you love cats - we have that in common! As you might have noticed, they're very free and independent creatures. But they stay where they're given food and are treated well. They're also fascinated by prayer, and come and lay down purring in one's lap during silent prayer if one allows them to... A cat I know once ended up sitting and looking intensely at my icons... I wonder what he saw through those heavenly windows...

I've also heard that sheep need no fences, they stay where there's fresh water.

And we Christians, who are drawn to the Source of Life itself, who could draw us away from it? If there's love in the Church - and Love has indeed its dwelling place among us - then there's no need for fences...

God gives us this beautiful call to freedom, and invites us to use all our gifts and talents. The Gospel yesterday speaks about these talents - everyone’s talents need to be recognized and developed. Also those of women with a call to serve. Where else should we go? Which other source should we drink from? Is it really right of the Church to bury our gifts....?

If theology at some point turns out not to correspond with what we know about God - it needs to be reconsidered and eventually rewritten. I’ve studied all the arguments against women ordinations in detail, and I’ve found that none of them is solid enough to build any teachings upon. It’s rather the opposite way - they all fall down like a pile of cards if they’re slightly touched. I thus hope you will welcome and reopen theological discussions about this in the Vatican, through inviting theologians from all over the world who has studied the question at depth - both women and men, and both those who based on their studies are positive to change, and those who aren’t, and they should all have the right to speak and vote…

I'll end this letter by a poem that I dedicated to the previous Archbishop of St. Louis, Raymond Burke when he excommunicated my sister in Christ, Sr. Louise Lears, whom I don't know in person either (but, as you know, lives amazingly touches those of others also at a great distance). It somehow fits also in this sad situation.

With all due respect, much love in Christ, and with fervent prayers that you'll intervene to make a good and just decision regarding Fr. Roy...

Your little sister,

Charlotte Thérèse
(in Sweden)

~ Joyous criminals ~

If it's a crime to be convinced
that women may be ordained,
then I'm a criminal too,
and you'll have to put me in jail,
where I'd be accompanied
by numerous such convicts.

If it's a crime to attend
a woman's ordination,
then, please, take me to all
such crime scenes in the world,
so I may share that heavenly joy,
before you put on
dogmatic handcuffs
and striped chasubles
on all the attendants.

I'll then rejoice as an
unofficial prisoner chaplain
among my partners in crime.
We'll attend to those
who are innocently imprisoned,
by experts on Canon law.

And filled with God's grace
we'll sing all night long
until the prison gates
are opened by angels
so we may march out
on the bright fields of freedom,
still joyfully singing,
since God gave us a sign
that even the blind could see.

S/He Who Is
is walking with us



I've now written another letter to the Pope - about Church renewal.

32 kommentarer:

Anonym 18 november 2008 15:41  

Dear sister i Christ,

Great thanks for all support for or brother, who need respect and love . I work since many years selv as a pastor, as a foreign with french origine in Sweden. My preoccupation for ecumenical questions is related to the deep love i have see in just meeting other christians, special orthodoxe, in their faith and love to or Lord. Just because I know how Charlotte is working for to visit innocent foreign people in detention before expulsion or after their arrival in the country, I can only say that she is a witness with a clear pastoral caractere with respect from those she visit.
Thank You Charlotte, and thank You, Or Holiness, for reconsider this demand from some sister and brother in Christ,

with best regards,
Pastor Martin

Charlotte Therese 18 november 2008 15:45  

Dear brother in Christ,

Thank you...

Let's keep up the good work (in the Church as well as for our refugee brothers and sisters)!

AKO 19 november 2008 16:38  

Långt brev, men nog som mycket poesi som brev. Jag förstår absolut vilka tankar och känslor du har för det här "ämnet", för även om det på sätt och vis är "okej" inom mitt samfund för även kvinnor att bli pastorer och ledare, så är det ett stort gap mellan teori och praktik.

Hoppas att du till slut får möjlighet att tjäna Gud och dina kristna syskon så som ditt hjärta längtar efter!

Charlotte Therese 19 november 2008 16:58  

Tack AKO...

Kul att några vågar/vill kommentera!

Det här är nog det inlägg jag lagt ner mest tid på nånsin. Fast det är ju först och främst ett brev.

Har nu fått besked om att brevet kommer att nå Vatikanen!

Så förhoppningsvis läser Påven det själv...

Kate 19 november 2008 18:13  

Oh, well said, sister, well said!

Charlotte Therese 19 november 2008 18:59  


Welcome here... And thank you!

sr. Carina 19 november 2008 21:51  


Charlotte Therese 19 november 2008 22:05  


Rosemary McSharry 20 november 2008 00:12  

Charlotte - Your letter and poem are both beautiful, moving, inspiring, yes even giving hope.
Blessings upon you and all you do.

Anonym 20 november 2008 15:55  

Tänk om jag vore påve och fick ett sådant här brev. Jag skulle ändra på allt bara för det. Tror jag. Men är inte påven omgiven av ett teologiskt schweizergarde av medeltida snitt som vakar över honom och inte medger ingång till hjärtat utan censur? Din formulering att det är bättre att kommunicera än exkommunicera kommer jag i alla fall att låna hänsynslöst i min svenskkyrkliga kontext. Lycka till på alla fronter, utom erbjudandet att låta dej exkommuniceras, PO Nisser

Charlotte Therese 20 november 2008 20:40  

Såg just att brevet har citerats på bloggen Clerical Whispers:


Kul bild han har valt som illustration... Undrar om han har klippt och klistrat ihop den själv?

Tyvärr har han missat dikten...

Det hade kommit in en kommentar där, som jag klistrar in här:

"Charlotte Therese,

What a lovely letter. You are much more charitable than I.

I pray your words will winkle their way through the Vatican walls, into the heart and mind of the Pope.

Sister Mary"


Anonym 21 november 2008 17:32  

Thank you for sharing this letter, which I have read and found very moving.

I am a woman priest in the Church in Wales, and I am just finishing writing a book on the theology of women's priesthood. (I was just making a few amendments when I read your email - it will be published by SPCK next year). There are plenty of books on priesthood, but as far as I know there is no theology specifically of women's priesthood. So I hope that it will be useful in helping womens priests to be accepted and valued where women are ordained, and in helping the argument in favour of women preists in churches that still do not ordain women.

Yours in Christ

Ali Green

Charlotte Therese 23 november 2008 16:34  

Hittar kommentarer lite här och var. Den här fann jag under en artikel i NCR:

" Submitted by M. E. Richardson (not verified) on Fri, 11/21/2008 - 06:42.

Thank God for courageous priests like Father Roy Bourgeois and women like Charlotte Therese who speak the truth of the heart--their conscience--regardless of the price they will pay to the established hierarchical church. Is that not what Jesus the Christ did, and then called us to do in following his footsteps? Jesus disobeyed unjust laws, overturned the pots of the moneychangers in the temple, socialized with women and those who were considered "sinners" by the Jewish hierarchy. Unfortunately, as shown in the handling of the priest sexual abuse of children, and in the handling of possible ex-communication of Father Bourgeois, the Vatican shows a determination toward self-interest of hierarchical rule and its prejudice toward women and children in deference to the male priesthood. Where is Jesus in that?"

Charlotte Therese 23 november 2008 16:53  

Hittade nu även ett inlägg i min gamla blogg som jag totalt hade glömt bort (där finns en länk till hans predikan):


Charlotte Therese 23 november 2008 18:34  

Hittade ännu en kommentar hos NCR:


Excommunicated for following
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 11/21/2008 - 09:01.

Excommunicated for following Jesus. It happened to the Man Born Blind.

Still the policy of the religious authorities today.

Charlotte Therese's open letter to the Pope is long, but well worth reading: she offers herself as a substitute .


Hela inlägget med länkar och kommentarer finns här:


Även bloggprästen Fr. Z uttalar sig, samt kommenterar artikeln (och mitt brev) - ironiskt:


Charlotte Therese 26 november 2008 11:56  

Hittade en kommentar till:

"My dear Sister, Thank you for the love and tenderness of your open letter to the Pope about Fr Roy Bourgeois. This issue is so important, and you are right to highlight it.

Meanwhile we wait . . .

In God's overwhelming love


Calle B 31 januari 2009 15:54  

Är du alls katolik? Det verkar inte så.

Ordinatio sacerdotalis. Mer behöver inte sägas.

Charlotte Therese 31 januari 2009 16:03  

Självfallet är jag katolik.

Sista ordet är långt ifrån sagt i kvinnoprästfrågan.

Du ser ju vad förre påvens försök att fullständigt tysta ner samtalet har lett till.

Öppen debatt i media. Olagliga vigningar.

Så går det när man handlar oklokt.

När det hela istället hade kunnat lösas pastoralt och inomkyrkligt - till allas bästa.

Calle B 31 januari 2009 16:36  

Pastoralt? Du menar vigning av kvnnliga präster. D.v.s. ogiltiga vigningar. D.v.s. icke-präster.

Vad jag kunnat se hittills är "pastoralt" i progressiva sammanhang bara ett kodord för: "stämmer med mina egna upplysta åsikter om ditten och datten".


SSPX är inte katolskt men det är alltså du. Intressant. Undrar vad biskopen och Rom skulle säga om det.

Charlotte Therese 31 januari 2009 17:18  

Jag menar giltiga och lagliga vigningar av kvinnor - istället för som nu enbart giltiga (de är vigda enligt apostolisk succession).

Jag är inte progressiv/liberal utan radikal, och din analys stämmer därför inte.

SSPX som helhet står fortfarande utanför katolsk kommunion, vilket du säkert känner till.

Själv är jag inte exkommunicerad.

Så vart vill du komma med jämförelsen om vem som är "mest katolsk"?

Om du bara har kommit hit för att spy galla och häva ur dig en massa fördomar så får jag be dig att sluta kommentera. Min blogg är till för seriösa samtal mellan personer som klarar av sånt.

Calle B 31 januari 2009 17:53  

Seriösa samtal? Är "seröst" ett kodord? Precis som "pastoralt"?

Nej, enligt kardinal Castrillòn är SSPX inte utanför kyrkan, fastän SSPX-frågan ännu behöver en kanonisk lösning. och kardinal C är nu den av påven bemyndigade.

Godtar man inte att kvinnor inte kan bli präster, är man inte katolik, Charlotte. Så lär kyrkan.

Som du ser spyr jag inte galla. (Jag anför ju sakliga argument. Som du nog ogillar, men det är en helt annan sak.) Jag vill bara få klarhet i vad det är du egentligen säger. Och var du står i förhållande till katolsk lära.

Charlotte Therese 31 januari 2009 18:09  

Jag använder inga kodord utan skriver enkelt och rakt. Det borde inte vara svårt att förstå det.

Du behöver tydligen repetera dina bristfälliga kunskaper om vad kyrkan lär och inte - för det du skriver lär kyrkan inte.

Dina "argument" är allt annat än sakliga (jag syftade även på det du skrev i ett annat inlägg).

Vem har utnämnt dig till trospolis?

Tror du skulle göra ett mycket mera kristet intryck om du, istället för att angripa andra som du inte ens känner, lät Gud förvandla ditt stenhjärta.

Bishop Brian E. Brown, OSH 28 mars 2009 19:54  

Blessings and Apostolic Benediction!

Dear Sister in Christ,

While simply surfing the internet I found your blog and your open letter to the Pope in support of Fr. Roy Bourgeois and the ordination of women to the priesthood. Seldom do I comment on blogs and such but your passionate and well written letter persuaded me to do just that.

May your message be heard by those who have ears to hear and by those who have courageous and willing hearts!

Blessings on you, your home, your family and all that you do!

Pax Christi,
+Brian E. Brown, OSH
Ecumenical Free Catholic Communion - www.free-catholic.org
Diocese of the Shepherd's Heart - www.shepherds-heart.org

Charlotte Therese 28 mars 2009 20:35  

Dear Brother in Christ,

Thanks for your kind comment!

I havn't yet added a link from this posting to my very recently written second letter to the Pope, but will do so soon.

You'll find it here:


malkisedheq 31 mars 2009 11:28  

Christ's Peace to you,

As a Catholic, if you feel adamant on women's ordination, it would be helpful if you can consider the root o ordination in the Catholic Church. Also, consider that the Mother of God is a woman and yet never asserted herself superior in any form but in fact placed herself in humility to God.

If you are trying to twist the arm of the Pope for your consumption, then you should always bear in mind that with regards to the sacraments, the Pope has no say in it. It was Jesus who instituted it . Always be reminded, the Heaven and the Catholic Church belongs to a KINGDOM. The kingdom of God will never bend to anybody's personal motive.

I suggest that you pray hard and sincerely to the Mary, the Mother of God.

Your article seems to be filled with what YOU want and not what God really wants. The Pope is not running a democracy. His infallibility rests on doctrines. To be a Catholic and to question the Pope is a sign of blind attitude.

Would your ranting cause you to be "holy". Would your soul be purified? Think it over. I have heard your idea eversince I was a kid. It did not really make any sense and I feel the only self-centered people would adhere to your call.

If anybody would like to serve God, many saints have already proven that you need not be ordained to do so.

Criticizing the Pope would only put you in a bad light light. For it is part of being a Catholic to be obedient to the Pope and to the Magesterium. Otherwise, your alternative is to seek another religion.

In Jesus thru Mary,


Charlotte Therese 31 mars 2009 23:59  


I've studied the roots of the present non-ordination of women in depth. They don't go as far back as to the time of the apostles.

Women served in the same ways as men in the beginning of Christianity. The surrounding society, having quite awful views on women, put an end to that.

It's time to rediscover those forgotten roots - of women and men together following God's call.

Be assured that I have prayed a lot over this through the years. And Mary feels very close in this - supporting women who are called to serve - but whose "yes" to God is met with a "no" from the Church nowadays.

And it's not about me - I'm just a tiny voice saying that change is desperately needed - it's about renewal of the whole Church according to the will of God...

Be blessed as we move on within our Church...towards a (hopefully) fruitful future...

Anonym 19 april 2009 02:21  

I suggest that those, who really want to set God's will in front of their own, skip praying "let there be women priests", but rather pray, "let it be the way You like".

I've tried the last mentioned prayer, and will continue with that. So far I only feel more convinced about the priesthood being reserved for men only. After all, Jesus had his 12 apostles (all men) exclusively present, when he said "Do this in remembrance of me".

Arguments like "media writes this" or "many young people thinks that" only strengthen me in my conviction, as this world is not in God's hands, therefore, very little (if anything at all) regarding the Church and coming from whatever's dominating this world for the moment, can be good. If God's promise that he will lead the Church and "the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it" is true, then we can be sure that the Church's teachings will always be in accordance with God's will.

God Bless!

Charlotte Therese 19 april 2009 15:25  

Yes, that's a good way of praying. I did so too for over ten years.

Meanwhile God awakened deep insights and a great sorrow within me over the present situation regarding women in ministry, and showed me through studies in the subject that the present situation can't be how it's meant to be as it isn't how it was in the Church beginnings.

It's against the Gospel and against anything that can be called good theology! It's an adjustment of the Church to a secular society and their views of women in the first centuries. It's not Christian - it's not of God. It's against what God showed us through Jesus!

But what was lost can be reawakened and found again. That's my hope.

An all male priesthood has given its rotten fruits over and over again. Isn't it enough soon?

It's a great shame what we've seen happening for many years now - so many unsuitable male priests abusing their power in various ways. And it's at best unwise - at worst sinful of the hierarchy to say no to the women that God calls - maybe they're the only ones who are now able to heal the deep wounds of the Church?

May those who have eyes get them opened so they can see!

What I've written here of course doesn't put any shadow over all the good male priests who are true servants of God.

But women and men are meant to serve together also in our Church - I hope to live to see that happen again in our days.

freebird 3 september 2009 00:42  

I just came over from NCR to read your letter. Of course you have not received a reply. The pope wouldn't answer you anyhow but an aide might, but I don't think they want to. It's hard to answer logic and love. It's hard to answer when the way of Jesus is not the way of the Church, so don't expect an answer but do continue to share your letter.

Charlotte Therese 3 september 2009 10:58  


I know he wouldn't answer me personally, but I hope they did let him read it, as it was meant for him.

I kind of expected a letter from the CDF at least...

But maybe you're right - they don't know what to say when met in this way...?

Feel free to spread the letter - add a link here if someone wish to comment on it.

Elias 31 januari 2010 20:02  

Intressant brev. De troende har alltid i alla tider väckt frågor som Kyrkan sedan fått behandla. De troende är liksom en Andens röst i Kyrkan som driver henne framåt i djupare förståelse. Redan bakom det första konciliet som omskrivs i apostlagärningarna, kan man ana en Andens röst i folket som väcker frågor.

Så om denna fråga känns angelägen så är det bara fortsätta att föra den. Inget är avgjort förrän allt uppenbarat är förstått, och idag är vi långt ifrån detta. Om du har fel kan ingen skada ändå ske, och har du rätt så ger Gud dig rätt i slutändan. Det är det fina med Kyrkan. Man behöver egentligen inte vara rädd för att dryfta något, ty allt tål att dryftas och belysas, tills allt en dag står klart.

Jag delar dock inte din mening i detta, och finner ingen anledning att ifrågasätta Kyrkan på denna punkt. I min mening förhåller det sig antagligen så som Kyrkan många gånger redan funnit. Dock blir jag aldrig förvånad, och skulle ett koncilium i framtiden finna annorlunda så kan jag gott acceptera det. Men till dess accepterar jag och godtar Kyrkans förklaring i detta. Ett panortodoxt koncilium må i framtiden åter föra detta på tal och se vad Anden undervisar.

Även om det är folket som ibland väcker frågor, tror jag fortfarande att biskoparna gemensamt har mandat att avgöra dessa. Tills dess ett panortodoxt koncilium säger annorlunda, accepterar jag därför det avgörande biskoparna många gånger i samråd redan fällt. Dess teologi finner jag väl underbyggd och förklaringen godtagbar.

Men jag uppmanar dig att fortsätta föra din talan kära syster, ty av den kan inget ont komma utan endast gott. Antingen har du fel och ingen skada är skedd. Du har fått ta del av Guds pedagogiska plan för oss alla och bidragit till att väcka frågan och fördjupa oss i det. Och har du rätt har du bidragit till att föra detta till ljuset. Det finns inget att vara rädd för i detta.

Allt gott önskar jag dig!


Charlotte Therese 9 februari 2010 11:35  


Ja, allt tål att belysas...

Och jag hoppas att ett stort ekumeniskt koncilium kan förändra inställningen även på katolskt och ortodoxt håll, om inte förr...

Förändra tillbaka den, vill säga. För detta är en praxis som man har övergivit och behöver återvända till för att återupprätta vad som har blivit skevt och gått förlorat genom det.

Allt gott!


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