tisdag 9 december 2008

Kardinal-groda om kvinnor

Fick just denna artikel...

Var väldigt frestad att skriva en vitsig rubrik (testade flera stycken) - men eftersom kardinalen i fråga har bett om ursäkt nu, så får det vara... ;-)


"Fifteen women known as the "Skirt Committee" have withdrawn a sexism charge lodged at the Paris Diocesan Tribunal against Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois after he apologised for his choice of words over the role of women in the Church.

AFP reports the charge was lodged last week after Cardinal Vingt-Trois told Radio Notre Dame in a November interview that "the most difficult issue" in relation to the celebration of church services "is to find appropriately formed women."

"It's not enough just to wear a skirt, they need to have something in their heads," he said in the interview following the French bishops conference at Lourdes in early November.

He was responding to a question on the recent Synod of Bishops proposal to open up the role of lector to women. "It's not a difficult issue," Cardinal Vingt-Trois said, since they already read "as much as possible".

"The most difficult issue," he continued, "is to find appropriately formed women. It's not enough just to wear a skirt, they need to have something in their heads."

Satirical magazine, Le Canard enchaine, picked up the comments which provoked a volley of commentary from men and women in the French church."

Läs hela artikeln här.

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