tisdag 2 december 2008


Nedan följer ett gästinlägg av bloggvännen Sr. Mary Paul, som fick välja ämne fritt, och som valde att skriva om lycka. På djupet.

Läs långsamt. Läs flera gånger. Kan det sägas bättre? Jag tycker nog inte det...

Kommentera gärna (helst på engelska, annars kan jag översätta), eller passa på att ställa frågor till henne!


To know happiness is to know tragedy.

To know tragedy is to understand compassion.

To know compassion is to grasp the Infinite.

To grasp the Infinite is Happiness.

Sometimes, for me at least, happiness arrives through the mud room, the back door, the other way, a Servant’s entrance. It has not come directly; but, indirectly. Happiness has always been ushered in through exquisite pain and not so much through joy. It is when I am at the lowest ebb when I see, experience, touch, feel, taste the ecstasy of Love which is the highest summit of happiness.

Somehow, in those depths, in the cauldrons and pits, I recognize that happiness is my friend and companion. It is almost as if the blackness informs my personal Light. It doesn’t hide the Light; it informs the Light in my small life.

Happiness teaches us that sorrow and poignancy is always there just on the other side. True happiness is not so much ephemeral as it is stable and constant given that the one who seeks it is educated in compassion and schooled in detachment, with love. That is the key, the elemental source of happiness: Detachment, with love.

Happiness, further, is in the Now-time. It thinks not of tomorrow or yesterday; for, those are memories and fantasies. Happiness is in the very midst of Right Now. We step out from Now and suffering besieges us, entrenches us. In the Moment is where it is both sufferable and has capability for happiness.

So, how can one attain this?

Learn from grief, use it for love and happiness shall follow.

Learn from pain, use it for love and happiness will heal.

Learn from detachment, use it for love and happiness will journey with you forever.

Allow these things to point to each star in Heaven. Allow these things to glimmer and give you what is desired and so sought: the Peace of happiness.

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Excelsis 2 december 2008 22:42  


mikael 3 december 2008 00:11  

To understand Happiness you must experience sorrow.

Why? Can you ask! Jesus said. You must take the Heawen like a child!

When you was a baby your parents take care of you, if when you was an baby you cry out your hunger and you get food.
In that, yuo dident ask the parents
why must i lay down here and suffer.

You just enjoy the meal.


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