onsdag 29 oktober 2008

Enheten mellan "båda lungorna"

Under biskopssynoden inbjöds den ekumeniske patriarken Bartolomeus I, att hålla ett anförande.

Få har nog anat hur stort klivet framåt är genom detta, för ekumeniken mellan de båda systerkyrkorna.

"This gracious invitation of Your Holiness to our Modesty is a gesture full of meaning and significance – we dare say an historic event in itself. For it is the first time in history that an Ecumenical Patriarch is offered the opportunity to address a Synod of the Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church, and thus be part of the life of this sister Church at such a high level. We regard this as a manifestation of the work of the Holy Spirit leading our Churches to a closer and deeper relationship with each other, an important step towards the restoration of our full communion."

Läs hela patriarkens uttalande här.

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