torsdag 11 september 2008

Katolska kyrkan och kvinnor - märklig argumentation

Det börjar bra - men slutar sämre. Varför är nästan varje artikel om ämnet likadan?

Och varför duggar missuppfattningarna så tätt?

Att bryta en tradition som inte härrör från Jesus, och återinföra en som mer härrör från honom - från hans syn på kvinnor och män - skulle givetvis förändra Kyrkan positivt.

Det handlar sannerligen inte om någon "supermarket"-kultur att viga kvinnor. Det är tvärtom i enlighet med kyrkans ursprungligaste tradition!


"There are issues -- and not a few -- in which the church arrives late," says Rev. Philip Goyret, assistant dean of theology at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.

Before the Second Vatican Council, the church was going one way, while modern culture moved in the opposite direction, Father Goyret told journalists at a seminar in Rome. The council swept away some of the ecclesiastic cobwebs with innovations such as the mass in English, but with regard to women, it has a long way to go. The role of women is "growing, but it should grow faster and higher," he said.

Father Goyret, who lectured on the nature and mission of the Catholic Church, said it is natural to wonder why the government of the church does not reflect its teachings that men and women are equal before God. Catholic dogma holds that only men can be ordained, as all the apostles were men. To elect a woman and break the chain from Jesus to Peter to all the subsequent popes would be to change the very nature of the church itself.


The issue of the ordination of women is one of many that underlines how our "supermarket culture" runs against the church's constancy. Father Goyret said people in the modern world want to "believe without belonging. They say, 'Christ, yes, but not the church'; 'God, yes, but not Christ,' and finally, 'religion, yes, but not God.'"

Läs hela artikeln här.

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