onsdag 18 mars 2009

Vatikankongress om kvinnor/mänskliga rättigheter

Vatikanherrarna tycks dock vara och förbli (?) blinda för behovet av en sådan förnyelse inomkyrkligt.

Hur kan kvinnor förändra världen så länge kyrkan fortsätter att diskriminera dem? Budskapet blir inte trovärdigt.


"The Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace is promoting an international conference calling women to give witness to a love for life, especially in the area of human rights.

This congress, the first of its kind, will be held Friday and Saturday in the Vatican and will focus on "Life, Family, Development: The Role of Women in the Promotion of Human Rights."

Along with the council, which will host the conference, the initiative is being promoted by the World Women's Alliance for Life and Family and the World Union of Catholic Women's Organizations.

In a note to ZENIT, the organizers recalled Pope John Paul II's words in the encyclical "Evangelium Vitae": "In the cultural change in favor of life women occupy a singular and perhaps determinant place of thought and action.

"They must be the promoters of a new feminism that, without falling into the temptation of copying macho models, is able to recognize and express the true feminine genius in all the manifestations of civil coexistence, working to overcome all forms of discrimination, violence and exploitation."


The objective of this network of women "allied for life" from 50 countries worldwide is the promotion of the "feminine genius" in every realm of social organization.


Cardinal Renato Raffaele Martino, president of the pontifical council, said that "never so much as now the hour has come for women to respond fully to their vocation to witness love for life in every realm of society and in all parts of the world."

"At a time of profound transformations, women, illumined by the evangelical spirit, can do much to help humanity," he added.

Tarzia noted that the present period of crisis "is the time for a new feminism."

She continued, 'It is the time of a genuine cultural revolution, to fully appreciate the specifically 'feminine' ways of thought and action in every realm of civil life, for the good of the collectivity and in favor of life, peace, economic development in the respect and defense of human rights.'"

Läs hela artikeln här.

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