torsdag 19 mars 2009

Katolsk församlingsassistent - och feminist - avskedad...

Fick ytterligare ett tragiskt exempel som visar att inte heller lekfolket går säkert för neo-inkvisitionen. Om de är kyrkligt anställda vill säga. Inte ens över 30 års tjänst är värt något. Och ingen rätt har de uppenbarligen att försvara sig. Det är kadaverlydnad som gäller.


"According to the release, the investigation shifted to a thesis Kolpack had written for her master of divinity degree that was granted from St. Francis seminary.

The thesis, written in 2003, evidently stirred little or no interest from church leaders until lately. Kolpack's main theme is on inclusiveness, and what she sees as a patriarchal tone in the church's liturgy, with an implicit exclusion of women from key roles, such as the priesthood.


The statement went on to say that church personnel "must uphold the faith and morals of the church" ... through what they publicly teach and claim to believe, what they associate themselves with, and by their actions."

Kolpack said that when she met with her bishop she was given no opportunity to defend herself, nor did she have a chance to face or respond to those who had accused her.

When she met with Morlino, he stated that her views on the teachings of Jesus were "off base," according to Kolpack. She also said he informed her that he had not read her thesis in its entirety, only "bits and pieces."

She said that during the meeting he asked her to denounce the thesis, make a profession of faith, and take an oath of loyalty in order to remain as a pastoral associate at the parish.

She said she could not refute the thesis in good conscience, that to dos [sic!] so would risk her reputation as a scholar and academician.

After Bishop Morlino's announcement, I was given no opportunity to discuss any points in my thesis with which we disagreed, nor any of the original accusations made against me," said Kolpack. "In fact, within 10 minutes from the beginning of our meeting, I was fired."


After communion at Sunday's Mass, Kortendick spoke briefly to the congregation and then allowed Kolpack to speak. Within minutes many were in tears. Some gathered in a prayer huddle to offer their prayers and blessings. She had served the community for over thirty years.

"Parishioners are very devastated,” she told NCR. “Sunday was a very bad time. I had people coming up to me after mass crying, hugging, and expressing concern. The big question is, ‘why was I fired?’ Unfortunately, I can't answer it. People are going to think that if a bishop fires me, then it must be major. But I don't even know why I got fired. I can't tell parishioners why I got fired."

Stephanie King Norton, a parishioner for 42 years, echoed the sentiments of many when she said she was “shocked” by the dismissal.

"Ruth played more than just a role there. She was the foundation of all activity at St. Thomas. Ruth even told me she wanted to retire in about five years, but in reviewing her responsibilities, it became clear that they could never find someone that would take on as much responsibility that Ruth has. I don't know anyone at St. Thomas who would say that Ruth isn't the foundation, even if they don't always agree with her.

"She's been through four priests, and we always knew she would be there. She's the heart and soul behind everything that goes on. Our priest is only 40 percent, so she was responsible for sacramental work as well. People converted and were brought back to the Catholic faith were crying because their friend was dismissed. Five- and six-year-olds were crying because they lost their teacher."


Kolpack wrote a letter to Morlino in which she wrote, “My ministry is my life's work,” concluding by asking him to reconsider her dismissal."

Läs hela artikeln här.

Än mer intressant: så här skriver hon själv till församlingen.

Det är bara det att biskopen tycks vara det egentliga problemet!



Den lokala församlingen ställer sig bakom Ruth - så sista ordet är inte sagt. Följ händelserna på en specialblogg som skapats för attt stödja henne.

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