onsdag 20 maj 2009

What is faith? (another poem)

What is faith?

Not to believe
in this or that,
and construct
detailed systems
to defend it.

What foolishness
and pride
doesn't hide there

What is faith?

To rest in the arms
of the invisible
without feeling it,
and love
the mystery
of the other
without words...

What is faith?

Not to know
or even anything,
but to be known
by the source
of existence
and put ones
trust in it...

What is faith?

Ask only
who doesn't
pretend to know.

Ask only
who left
the path
of knowledge
and went into
the cloud
of unknowing.

who was "lost"
and didn't return.

Charlotte Thérèse, © 2009. All rights reserved.

2 kommentarer:

Anonym 20 maj 2009 17:54  

Oh my dear freind

Then your problem
is unsolved
turn your attention
to tru love,
do not complicate it,
try to walk
with one foot before
the other.

Go out see a cat
play in the sun.
see boys and girl
do the same.

Have no shame,
you just are a being
observing life.

And learning laufing
with friends,

Are you alone
let the springwater
floating in your hart.

And the jubilate
are starting
with a prayer
purling from
the pure love.

Charlotte Therese 20 maj 2009 19:07  

I in fact just went out (in the rain though), before I read this - and met a magnificent cat, with red fluffy fur and intense green eyes - freely walking a bit after a golden retriever in a leash.

One could see that they belonged to the same family. But there was a difference.

Who was the happier?

The dog who had to follow closely in his/her owners steps, or the cat who could explore more of the surroundings on the way and walk in his/her own pace?


It seems like everyone reads what I write in their own way, and at their own level.

It's interesting how different the interpretations sometimes are. And of course it's ok.

That's the joy of sharing poetry with others.

One never knows how they will read it.

At some rare times someone even reads it the way I thought.

I got such a response in a mail which I will keep for myself.


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