fredag 30 april 2010

Australian bishop speaks up!

And thank God for this bishop...! May he be heard widely around the world...


"Groups calling for reform are regularly dismissed as trouble-makers with little love for the Church when in fact their hearts are breaking for the Church which they see as drifting further away from the message of the Jesus. Maybe it has taken this present crisis to bring us all to our senses.

In 1996, I gave a talk in which I expressed my hopes for the Catholic Church. They were that it would be

* a more human Church
* a humbler Church
* a less clerical Church
* a more inclusive Church (and therefore more truly catholic)
* a more open Church
* a Church which finds unity in diversity
* a Church which discovers its whole tradition
* a Church which truly reflects the person and values of Jesus.


The reform needed by the Church today will involve much more than just “tinkering around the edges”. Issues such as the authoritarian nature of the Church, compulsory celibacy for the clergy, the participation of women in the Church, the teaching on sexuality in all aspects cannot be brushed aside. Listening must be a key component of reform and at times that will involve listening to unpalatable truths. It needs to be recognised that all wisdom does not reside exclusively in the present all male leadership of the Church and that the voices of the faithful must be heard.

At Easter I pointed out that it was largely Jesus’ female disciples who stood by him dying on Calvary, that Mary Magdalene was the first witness to the resurrection and that she could legitimately be called an apostle in that she was sent to bring the good news to the other followers of Jesus. I wondered aloud if the Church would be in its present state of crisis if women had been part of the decision-making in the life of the Church."

Read the whole article by bishop Pat Power here.

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