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Tyska teologer utmanar katolska kyrkans lära

"BERLIN — University theologians in Germany have called on the Catholic Church to abandon the vow of celibacy for priests, open up the clergy for women and accept gays couples.

The 143 professors said the church must implement bold reforms because of "a crisis without precedent" following the discovery of widespread sexual and physical abuses by clergymen a year ago.

More Christians than ever have turned their backs on the Catholic Church in the past year, they said. "The Church has to understand these signs and move beyond its ossified structures to regain new vitality and credibility."


The appeal – signed by a few Austrian, Swiss and by almost a third of Germany's Catholic university theologians – is a rare challenge to the clergy establishment and the Vatican, because the church has a veto right in appointing theologians at Germany's state-run universities."

Läs hela artikeln här.

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Charlotte Therese 24 februari 2011 15:14  

The Statement of the German Theologians is now open to the public for endorsement. More than 25,000 people have signed on so far. The link to the Endorsing Page is here: https://www.publik-forum.de/f4-cms/tpl/pufo/op/pufo-themensubsite/op/display.asp?cp=/pufo/Subsites/kirchenaufbruch-jetzt/Unterst-Formular/

Pertinent information:
a.. The Petition is in German. See below for a translation of the info asked for in the form.

a.. A copy of the English translation of the Statement can be found in The Tablet: http://www.thetablet.co.uk/blogsub.php?id=70&ti=18

a.. A question posed on one of my English listserves was posed and received the following response from a German theologian:

a.. Question: The last sentence under "spheres of action" reads thus: 'The Church also needs married priests and women in church ministry.' The interpretation in North America has been that the theologians are suggesting women priests, not simply "women in Church ministry." (We all know that there are already significant numbers of women serving in "approved" ministries within the Church.) Please clarify. 'What is/was the intention of the signatories in regard to the issue of women's ordination?'

a.. Response: The German word which has been translated as "ministry" is "Amt". Literally, Amt means 'office' or 'function'
in the sense of fulfilling one's official function - and in Canon Law, Amt in this context refers to ordained priesthood
and not to other ministries. Having an Amt means that one has been ordained. However, the one loophole in this
statement would be that diaconate, too, is an Amt - an official function ot ministry that requires ordination, so it could
be argued that by ordaining women as deacons, they would be in Amt.

However, the general understanding of this sentence here in Germany, as I read and listen to the discussion
and arguments about the Memorandum, is that it is a plea for married men and also women to be ordained and
minister as priests. Everyone seems to read and understand it in this way.

There is no mention of whether women could be married or single, etc. but it is clear that the demand in this sentence
is twofold: that celibacy would no longer be a requirement for priesthood and that women should be be ordained as priests.

The Memorandum will soon be discussed in detail at the German bishops' conference. It has caused an outcry in Germany
and there are letters and articles about it even in the ordinary daily papers. It has really become a hot topic, which is
just wonderful.

... It began in the universities and was then published. After that it was sent to all Catholic theologians. Later it was opened to supporters, of whom there are now about 25 000.

a.. Translation of form on the Petition:

Anrede (Title):
Frau = Woman
Herr = Man
Frau and Herr = endorsing as a couple

Titel: fill in -- Miss, Ms, Mrs, Mr., Sr., Fr., Dr., Prof. .... etc

Vorname: = first name

Nachname = family name

Strasse, Nr.: Street address name and number

Plz, Ort: zip code and city

Land: = country (for Canadians in the crowd, Canada starts with K)

E-mail address: enter twice

Beruf/Funktion: Profession, Function

The last 3 tick boxes translate as follows:

__ I agree to the publication of my name and place of residence:
__ Please keep me informed on the progress of this action:
__ I have already signed elsewhere:


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