lördag 6 mars 2010

Love at first sight...

Lite bling-bling är sällan fel... Och här är det äkta vara! :-)

It's said that diamonds are a girls best friend. If so, I think peridot stones are second best!

I just love the colour and shades of champagne yellow to olive green in different kinds of light. And it sparkles like the rainbow with various nuances...

This piece was found in an online store where you can also find other handmade pendants (really special crosses for example, but the nicest ones were out of stock when I looked), as well as rings and earrings.

P.S. I just found quite interesting info about peridot online. The stone is also called "evening emerald" or "crysolite", and it's said to have powers to drive away evil spirits, and if medicine is drunk from a peridot goblet, its supposed to get extra powerful. And as I sit here with a really nasty cold, I wonder where I could possibly get a peridot goblet... :-)

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